Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 0

The preparation for the journey begins like many others, saying goodbye to family, and friends. Alcohol was involved and so was a great many a game of Tetris. Everything was ready to go, electronics and clothes packed tightly awaiting the x-ray dose they will receive in the morrow. As I write this there is one key thing missing that I did not account for. Lack of internet which is the Achilles heel of this entire endeavor. Even in the crazy teched out world of Massachusetts there are places where the internet does not flow freely. I'm currently trapped within a beige fortress without internet so I cannot make my first post. There are wifi hotspots in detection range unfortunately they are all barred from public access. I remember two years ago when password protected home wireless networks were rare. It seems the majority of them now are locked away by the draconian rule of internet hoarders. Laughing to themselves as their WPA encryption thwarts invaders. I curse myself for my forgetfulness in not loading up my networking tools. Here in the castle like apartment complex where my grandmother resides, and perhaps even the Sin City I will have to rely on my own wit and not the unfathomably powerful resource that is the internet. In short, I screwed up hopefully they will have a map in Vegas.

We do not say good-bye in Eternia, we say good journey!

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