Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 4 Part 2: Migraine

The headache gets worse, we pay for the Chinese food and leave. Nausea sets in as we start walking back. The effects I am feeling are only minor at this point. I mention that I need to get painkillers and that my senses are starting to dull. We continue on forward towards the subway station along the way I make it known that I am getting progressively worse and nauseous. Cherie and I try to find a drugstore with a bathroom as we wander the streets. I am no longer aware of Ben at this point. My head is throbbing I am starting to hallucinate slightly and the only direction I can look is forward without a wave of nausea overcoming me. We found a Seven Eleven and asked if they had a bathroom, they said “No go across the street to Loehman's.” Cherie bought Ibuprofen while I stumbled into the store obviously confused and disoriented walls shaking. I navigate to the bathroom and go to work. The walls are blindingly white shuddering in time with the flow of my blood through my veins. I double over and it seems only mushrooms and not fully chewed food comes to the front end. I hear nothing but ringing until I am done. I step back survey the job well done clean up and exit the bathroom. My friends are there waiting Ben has reappeared in my life. Cherie asked me if I had cleaned up, confused and not sure of myself I went back into the bathroom and cleaned up again. They give me water and the Ibuprofen. Things start to get better, the hallucinations slowly abate the nausea disappears and I feel worlds better. Details at this point are hazy, I appear in hot topic there is a woman there waving her fingers at us I'm confused Cherie starts inspecting shirts. Space folds and we arrive in the subway station, the attendant tells us that we need to break our money into ones then use a BART machine to turn those ones into quarters so that we can throw two dollars of change into the machine to get on the MUNI. What an ass backwards system at least Boston's system can break a 5. We get on the train and over time the migraine fully dissipates and everything is hunky dory.

Everyone piles into Ben's car and we head out to the beach to start a campfire with the wood we got from the man on the strange car riddled hill. At the beach we pick up the wood and headed in towards the beach. Clearly we need to burn a small part of California because not enough of it is on fire at this point. I start digging a hole while my friends continue bringing supplies. Cherie attempts to build a fire in the hole I dug while Ben tears up kindling. He manages to accidentally put his foot in the wrong place which submerges the kindling we do have in sand. Squabbling happens I stare ahead feeling out of place and wishing I brought a jacket, it's cold as hell out on the beach at night. They rebuild the fire and make their first attempts to light it, unfortunately Ben had only brought matches. They were unable to get anything going. Some dude walks over and whips out some lighter fluid, and says that we should “Yeaahhh, Drench that shit!”. Which we do and we finally get a controlled fire going. It's pretty great theres about 35 fires all dotting the beach. I notice that about three police cruisers are making their way slowly down the beach parking lot. Since I was still a little out of it I immediately turned into a paranoid little bitch fearing for being put in jail and unable to make my flight tomorrow. This doesn't happen, I am infact a wuss. The police are just ticketing cars because this is apparently a treasure trove for them with all these people on the beach after the public hours. Ben leaves to go move the car before he gets a ticket. Cherie and I are left on the beach staring at the fire. Ben returns to find me in the process of freaking out due to the fear of police action. Our plan at that point was, “No lets let the fire burn down and not throw more wood onto it.” Apparently Cherie who suggested this very idea did not get her own memo and she continued to throw larger logs onto the inferno. A car drives up on the beach, I get paranoid and Ben and Cherie tell me to go for a walk on the beach. I start walking around following a couple walking a dog. Fires start going out, the car drives further down the beach and my assumption was correct it was the police. I wander for about 10-15 minutes and eventually meet back up with my friends. They said that the police were very nice about the whole fire thing because it's a tradition in this area and to try to keep it into the fire rings at the other side of the beach. We walk back to Ben's car which lo and behold has a ticket on it! My friends immediately get upset, at that point I was finally feeling ok again and not a nervous wreck. They were parked somewhere where they should have not been ticketed. So they drive back to the beach to ask the police officers whats up with the ticket. This is the time where I realize these people have balls bigger than their heads. Ben gives up because it will probably take half an hour or more to track down the police on the beach and decides to go back home to bed. The ride back is uneventful and we successfully enter the building and go to sleep. Never again will I think a day or trip will be dull until it happens.

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