Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 5: San Fransisco To New York To Boston

In the morning generally I am not so happy, I tend to feel nauseous and generally not good whenever I wake up. Today was travel day, thanks to a tip off from my father instead of taking 2 hours and 10 dollars to get to the airport it took $1.75 and 60 minutes. I was having issues with nausea probably leftover waves from the night before. I rode the SamTrans bus from Stanford to SFO but I got nauseous on the way and chewed a quarter of a dremamine tablet. As it turns out dremamine since it's meant to be swallowed I never knew that it was a numbing agent. I got into the terminal and parked near some power to write more about day 4 since it was such a huge day. I don't actually get to finish day 4 because the plane is about to leave to New York. I get on the plane nausea abates fall asleep for a little while. Wake up go to get my backpack for the next dremamine tablet so I don't vomit all over the plane and I can't find my bag. Apparently someone had moved it, a flight attendant helped me find it and handed me my bag. I couldn't find anything interesting on the TV so I fell asleep and woke up to the movie Catch Me If You Can. Which was great, and there were fireworks over new york. The plane landed I got a slice of overpriced $4 pizza the plane to Boston was delayed so it gave me a chance to finish up Day 4 and begin writing Day 5. Right now I'm sitting in JFK realizing that I love traveling more than I did before and this is only feeding my addiction. I need to figure out a way to make this a job, I'll try to figure out how. Maybe this blog can help me out. Another realization is the adventure is not over until you fall asleep for the day. I will finish this post off tomorrow morning.

So I packed up my laptop into my bag because the plane was about to begin boarding and I needed to pee. I walked to the bathroom, nobody else was in it so I started looking for an empty urinal. After about 30 seconds I round the corner and continue to find stalls. I think to myself that it's kinda weird that New York doesn't have any urinals. So I go into a stall do my business and before I leave someone else finishes and goes to wash their hands. I wait a couple seconds before exiting the stall in the mirror in front of me I notice that the person washing their hands is female. At this point I come to the realization why there are no urinals in this bathroom. I say, “goddamnit” and run out of the room. I get back to the gate I have to wait at and I meet up with another person on the all you can jet program. They've been to international regions and are also talking about writing a blog. I tried to friend him on facebook, no dice. It's alright not everyone can be friends. The flight to Boston goes without trouble, my father picks me up we arrive at my parents house and I fall asleep.

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