Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 1: Las Vegas

I am not sure if I got any sleep last night it was pretty rough with all the anticipation for the journey ahead. My alarm went off at 5:00 am which I am at least glad I didn't sleep through. I woke my grandma up, showered and did a once over of my belongings to make sure I was ready for the trip. My Grandmother offered me coffee to which I declined since I normally don't drink coffee. As it turns out she poured herself a cup of coffee from an old wine bottle and reheated it in the microwave. We then left for the airport, I offered to drive because she managed to scare the crap out of me last night with all the weaving around the road she did. I got into the airport, got my ticket and headed towards security. I have a laptop bag and a bag full of clothes. The TSA managed to be suspicious of my t-shirts and shorts rather than the bag full of electronics. Go figures apparently the deoderant set off some kind of detector. A while later I boarded the plane and I got to sit between this older couple. They were about the same age as my grandma. Which is stereotypical casino fare, the plane was filled with the elderly. So the woman sitting next to me had ear buds on the entire flight, what was curious was the fact she was rocking out to rage against the machine. Anyways I arrive in Vegas confused and ready to hurry up and wait for check in time at my hotel. I found the shuttle bus to take me to the strip and as we were approaching the buildings were of a ridiculous scale. I've been to new york and I've seen gargantuan buildings. But nothing prepared me for the size of these things. All I can say to this is I am staying in the bouncy castle next to the glass pyramid. I've arrived in the hotel, next goal is to search for food. I saw a sign for $2.50 hotdog and beer at some kind of sports bar. Cheap food and beer? I'm in!

So while looking for the $2.50 hotdog and beer I got lost. I ended up on the second level of the Excalibur which as it turns out is designed like a maze. I wandered over to this oxygen bar which wasn't getting a lot of business at the time so the woman working behind the counter asked me to model for her to increase business. So I sat around for about 20 minutes getting free pure oxygen pumped into my nose while an electronic stimulation machine destroyed my shoulders. It was pretty cool, I made a friend and I'll go back tomorrow to visit her. Tomorrow I'll tell her of my journeys and ask where I should be going. Later on I got turned around upstairs somewhere by the minotaur.

I ended up wandering into the Luxor which is clearly a higher class casino than the one I was staying in. Which is far more confusing and disorienting than the other one. Somehow I ended up in the area where you could see the inside of the building, which is this magnificent gorgeous space. It was the inside of the giant glass pyramid. The sheer size of the inside was breathtaking and it is hard to really understand how massive these buildings are until you've been here.

The next leg of my journey was trying to find my way back to the Excalibur, instead I ended up in Mandalay Bay. Which seems like a giant mall with bamboo in it and mysterious chinese restraunt that had a french symbol on it. I was going to turn around after I found a starbucks with free wifi, when I spotted something glorious out of the corner of my eye... shark reef. I may have to check out the aquarium before I leave but 15 bucks seems a little pricey for a small aquarium when the new england aquarium is effing huge. While I was returning from the shark reef some guy came over and sold me a rap cd for 2 bucks. Eventually I got back to the Excalibur, which took a while considering trying to come back is just as twisty turny as the way in. I found the bar for the $2.50 hotdog and beer I got it, ate it. It was alright it wasn't anything super great. It was a generic steamed hotdog and a 8 oz cup of beer. Woo, damn the day isnt even over theres so much to see here its ridiculous. I'm certain I wont remotely see enough in 2 days.

Get COX highspeed internet! WHUT?

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