Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 2: Part 2 Fighting for memories.

This is where things get fuzzy because I am writing this the day after it happened due to business. Clearly legitimate business. I spent about four hours painting cause I am a sack of crap and not keeping up with my concept art. Something good is really coming out of it though. I went to dinner with my cousin at Dick's Last resort so I can feel like I am at home in this crazy desert world. The bartender was from Worcester, dude, kid so we talked about Boston things. Me and my cousin had a couple drinks, well I may have had more than a couple. The bartender was the only one I ever knew to know what a chocolate cake is.

I had, a 26 oz blue moon, a half shot of tequila, two chocolate cakes, a stupidly large shot of superman. I think a gin and tonic, the worst rum and coke of my life fucker used dry white rum. Somehow I ended up tasting a Washington apple. I had a couple jello shots, my cousin bought me a b52.

During this booze fueled madness I apparently met the “last descendant of the Incas that speaks english” He was pretty cool we high fived a lot and yelled about the Andes. Some girl was sitting next to him and apparently it was important that she somehow was the mom of a girl sitting to the left of her. Something caused cheek kissing I'm not sure what probably alcohol. Then I found my cousin again who was standing next to a couple women I recognized from slightly earlier in the night that were being harassed by the bartender. Somehow we ended up talking and I have no idea how the conversation got there but it turns out one of them was a dental assistant so I started talking about my work experience in the dental field. It was pretty cool not sure what was really going on other than making new friends. We decided to walk about 30 meters over to the next bar which had live music and more alcohol. As we continued talking our conversation went to boobs and penises like they always tend to do.

Then some guys to my left started talking at me for some reason and somehow I found out that they were from Maryland. So I started talking about crab cakes and they changed the subject to their sports team. Which I knew nothing about, and mentioned that nobody knows about your team what the crap is this? Then one of them bought a round of jello shots to clearly make things better in every way. It was green tequila gelatin which is probably the reason Las Vegas was invented in the fever dreams of a cowboy fueled by liquid agave fire. Somehow I mentioned that I attended SMFA and out of the mists the man named Gary(I think) told me that he got accepted to my school for photography but did not go for some reason that I forgot and probably didn't matter. Gary then receded back out of focus and was replaced by his friend blathering at me about how we clearly need another round of jello shots. I stumble up to the bar and purchase three shots of orange flavor which turned out to be some kind of godawful vodka. The wraiths from Maryland mention something about getting 40's and walking to the Monte Carlo to which I shake hands with them before they return to the aether from which they came.

My focus shifts back to the women what we were talking to, it turns out they are both around 38 years old. One of them has 3 teenage daughters which I remember now is why she was talking to me about sex and how she had to do the talk with them. Then she started talking about the facebook and how she wants to be friends over the internet. Which I have confirmed friendship with them. The dental assistant mentioned that there is a lot of crazy things that are trapped in peoples mouths when they go to the dentist, namely pubic hair and fingernails. My cousin decided its time to drink more and bought another round. I called the bartendress a warlock when she layered my drink using nothing but her psychic powers. After the b52 that I had I decided its time to call it quits and drink water for the rest of the night. I asked the replacement bartender who did not use witchcraft for a glass of water and he said, “after 3 am I will only serve beer but for you I will make an exception.” When I returned to my fellows I realized that it was in fact 3:00 am which made me realize I have to go home to my room. The actual impulse to do that did not happen till about an hour later at 4:00 am. People emerged through the haze and fog to tell me that they were going to go to bed and that I should to. I agreed with these nice people and went back to my room, drank some water and then fell asleep.

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