Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 4: Art Dickerys

So I have the preconception that since I have left Vegas the rest of my trip will be pretty uneventful. I mean wandering through a city made of neon lights, alcohol and crazy debauchery of all kinds has to be the tops in excitement for this journey. We wake up, shower, and get ready to head to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). I notice I have a little bit of a head ache. We leave on our journey that will take us there but the first stop is to pick up wood at this guy's house that Ben found over craigslist. About half an hour of countryside,hills, bushes, yellow grass and occasionally trees we arrive at this guys driveway. Cherie starts talking about how she loves horses and needs to pet the biggest one. Ben promises her that she will get to pet them when we come back with the wood. Continuing up the hill to the guys house, there is a barn, a truck, a motorcycle, a old Mercedes and about 10 other classic cars and bikes. When we reach the top of the hill we find a little house with a man standing outside of it. There is a three wheeled hot-rod like car in his driveway. We get our wood and wheel it over to our car. Ben bumps the hot-rod wheel on the way and I manage to kick over a oil tray like a professional. We put our newly acquired wood into the car and continue on our journey to the MOMA. Ben hands Cherie the GPS and asks her to get our destination sorted out. At this point we get back on the highway and Cherie says, “HEY you tricked me I didn't get to pet the horses!”

We get to the train station(MUNI) after driving through a 3 mile strip of road that takes 30 minutes to pass through by car. The MUNI stations look like bus stops but there is a strange concrete island with a bar on it in the middle of the road. The bus shows up while a speaker in the MUNI stop yells at us in a robotic language to let us know whats happening. 35 minutes later the bus decides to start transforming into a subway train and the stairs on the thing shift up to match the new format of the stops which is pretty cool. After a short walk we are at the MOMA which is filled with dickerys from the past, like the urinal. God I hate the urinal so much and they even had an homage to the urinal which was a double urinal. So I start talking about how it would be fitting and possibly considered performance art if someone came in with a sledgehammer and destroyed this thing. The guards were really on the top of their game and they yelled at people and myself all the time. The barriers they constructed at this museum are tiny little bars on the floor these do not work even remotely. I was completely oblivious to these considering sometimes they are only on one side of things. When in a museum I tend to look at the art and not the floor. There was a series of spider creatures like at the national gallery in Ottawa, Canada. Then I saw all I needed to to complete my MOMA experience. On the top floor I notice through a window across the street on the top of a building is a figure in red and white stripes. It was mother naturing Waldo. I found Waldo, hes on a building in San Francisco.

We got some coffee at a Starbucks and start trying to find food. Ben has his heart set on Chinese food which I am not the biggest fan of because it's the same almost anywhere in the US. Cherie and I seem to want to eat anything else and start going in a direction looking for restraunts. Through subterfuge and trickery Ben leads us into Chinatown which we didn't really want to go to. Then I saw the shops selling large carved sculpture made with what looks like scrimshaw. I took a bunch of pictures of mammoth tusks and smaller scale sculptures, it was almost better than the MOMA in my opinion. 20 minutes of being mega tourist later this woman bumps into me and yells, “EXCUSE ME GODDAMNIT!” and then continues on her path of rage. This is when things started to get weird, I start to realize that the head ache I had has gotten worse throughout the day and I'd like to get some painkillers for it, I do not vocalize this yet. We wander down a very sketchy alley for some reason while there is a man yelling at his kid for being loud in a restraunt, which then he does in fact beat his child. Ben and I make it to the end of the alley and we turn around because Cherie isn't behind us shes about 40 meters back staring at the guy. We get her and continue looking for foods, we pick a random Chinese place to go in and eat. We pick out a few dishes they are great and I eat a little too much.

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