Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 3: The blur begins

I awoke at around 8 am bleary, confused and sick from the festivities of the night before. I'm very glad I woke up at this time because I had till about 11 am to vacate the hotel room and I needed that extra time to get ready. I felt nauseous so I did what any red blooded American would do, head to the bathroom to fix this feeling. After re-emerging from the bathroom feeling great I went back to bed to wake up by 10:12 so I can pack up and go. When I re-awaken I wander the hotel room looking for everything just in case I was in a hiding things mood, which I sometimes get when I am in that state of mind. Everything has been accounted for and I vacate the room. At check out I get 10 bucks due to overcharge for resort fees. I have some time to kill so I to to krispy kreme and I post the day 1 posts. I need to get to a point where I can post these the day of. The internet problem should subside when I end up a couple destinations down. My cousin calls me to make sure I am still alive to which I promptly thank him for the experience of last night. He says he'll come pick me up in an hour to get to the airport. I realize that I don't have enough time to go to the Luxor and ride the sideways diagonal elevator which is unfortunate and I may have to make a stop back in Las Vegas just to do that. I for the first time gamble in Las Vegas I throw 5 dollars directly into a slot machine and now I am down 5 dollars, awesome. While wandering towards the area I needed to be for my cousin to pick me up and I found a slot machine I had to play and take pictures of. The village people slot machine, what the hell is this. The icons to match were gem studded shoes, glitter, disco balls, and weird caricatures of the village people themselves.

Cousin comes to pick me up and we head out to the airport, everything goes fine and I end up getting on my flight to long beach without any issues. The flight went without a hitch I watched half of The Matrix 2 and fell asleep. I was woken up by a woman asking me about if I wanted to eat cookies or blue potato chips. I went for the cookies instead of the mutant potato based product. When I got to long beach I was surprised at the state of the airport. It looks like a series of bungalows that just happen to be along side an airstrip. There are none of the normal gates that lead directly to a plane, you have to get off and on using those staircases that you drive. No idea what they are called. After a 10 minute wait I get back on the same plane I arrived on. We hurled back into the air to get to San Francisco. I finish watching the Matrix, I watch some Myth-busters and this time I get the crazy blue potato chips which turned out were not crazy but bland. I've been traveling all day and I didn't return home to re-center myself it feels like these locations are blurring together which makes me feel like I am still in this crazy las Vegas wonderland. I haven't actually left the airport or security zone yet because I'm not sure whats out there in regards to internet, power, and seating. Since I have to wait a few hours for my friend to show up I might as well stay where resources are more plentiful, namely power and seating. The only airport I've been to where the internet hasn't been a pay service because they are jaggofs was McCarran in Las Vegas.

So as of right now I'm not sure what I am doing I'm going to wander around asking about internet, try to find some good places to sit and think about going on to the BART. Under normal circumstances I would go on this BART dealie but I'm carrying a couple bags and they are starting to dig into my shoulders. Alright exploration and then part 2 coming up.

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