Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 6: Home

My first day back in quite a while so I sleep in due to the massive travel tired I am experiencing. My shoulder still hurts like crazy from the bad configuration of bags. I wake up at 1 pm EST in Massachusetts. My mom is here and I start to tell her of the crazy journey that I have been on in detail. Especially the part about freaking out due to the police. She has to go on an errand so I am left behind since my car is in the shop. I cook breakfast which consists of a piece of bread and an egg. It's delicious. At that point I decide I need to switch my bags around and since I am going to be out for longer I need more clothes and things. I drive to the apartment and pack up stuff. The first thing I notice when entering my home is the trash room is flowing with glory. In my absence it has blossomed into a beautiful trash flower. I finish packing and go back to my parents house.

My makes dinner, it's chicken and some kind of pasta and it turns out pretty well. My mom is one of those people that can cook really absurdly well and even though my friends and I are adults now they still ask for my mom's cooking. I settle down to watch some of this crazy tv show that I started watching. It's Grey's Anatomy meets event horizon. Jets start scrambling over head, I wonder if the end is near. I get a phone call from my friend Nick while this is happening. He asks if I can hear the jets too, “it's true I can” I said. Then he makes the proposal that he would be able to give me gin and tonic's at his house but he cannot guarantee anything about doing the same at my parents house. I arrive at his house and we get our gin and tonics. I show him the current status of my travels. Then we start getting into how the job market sucks ass and how we need to get what we can. I tell him about my situation for a little while and he talks about his. I say adieu and we make plans to meet up again after I am done with this trip and once hes done with his boat.

The next stop in my home town journey is to meet up with my friend The One True Sean. I arrive at his abode and tell him of my travels and show him the current state of the blog including the unposted articles. He says the blog meets his 12 year old scotch approval and hands me some. Then he disappears and returns with a box filled with dangerously sharp coke cans. I starts to don them while talking about how he built samurai armor from these things using nothing but coke cans and dental floss. Truly this is a feat to see to believe which is why I have a picture of it. I have to leave because my flight is at 8 am so I need to get some rest.

I return to my parents house unfortunately jet lag will have none of this sleeping thing so I get about two hours during the night.

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